Moving from BZR to GIT

Seeing as is moving to git soon, I figured I would switch from bzr to git too. I still use SVN for some clients, but all my own stuff was under bzr.

I didn't want to lose my commit history, so I searched around and eventually found a way to convert it to git. I am on Windows 7, so I installed cygwin 1.7.7 to get a linux commandline. During installation I selected both bzr and git.

  • Afterwards I went into cygwin, and changed to the C:\cygwin\lib\python2.6\site-packages\bzrlib\plugins\ directory.
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Moving imagecache presets to a module

Quick post to show you how to move your Drupal 6.x imagecache presets to a module. This is for imagecache-6.x-2.0-beta10 or higher.

Create your presets in Drupal. Once they're all done, go to the ImageCache list page and click the export link next to the first preset. Copy the code presented to you, and paste it into your module using a function called hook_imagecache_default_presets(). Add a return $presets at the end of the function and save the module.

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Migrating data in Drupal 5 to 6 using Table Wizard and Migrate (Part 2 - Users & Profiles)

Well, it looks like the users are pretty simple to do. Just overwrite the Drupal 6 profile_fields, profile_values, role, users, and users_roles tables with the Drupal 5 ones. No need to do any importing (which would have been pretty complicated with all the profile values in there).

Couple of things to watch for though:

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Migrating data in Drupal 5 to 6 using Table Wizard and Migrate (Part 1 - Taxonomies)

This will be the first in a few posts on how I am trying to move data in a series of Drupal 5 sites to one Drupal 6 site.

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2010 already??!!

Gee, what happened to 2009? I have been so busy with other things, this website has definitely been lacking some attention. Heck, its still running on Drupal 5! Now that Drupal 7 is in alpha release, I guess I better start work on upgrading this baby to D6 (or maybe I'll just wait until 7 gets released - procrastination 101).

Here's a couple of cool modules/themes that I have discovered in the last little while, and that I now use on most sites I build:

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Final straw!!

OK, that's it. I've had enough of those damn comment spammers. Its not bots anymore, unless they've figured out a way to beat the random word Captcha, which is highly unlikely. So, most likely, its some #^@%$#^ getting paid to do this. The only way to stop these morons, is to not allow ANY URLS in a comment. So don't even try posting a link, as it will immediately get marked as spam. Sorry to everyone else, but I'm just tired of these people. Until someone invents a way for me to push a button and blow them all to hell and gone, this is the way it has to be.


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Allow certain roles to bypass Post Preview when it set as required

On a client's site, the Post Preview option is turned on to reduce the amount of bad posts. However, as an admin, this is a real pain - I hate having to Preview first and then Submit. So I did some digging and found out a couple of other people are also interested in a solution. A chap by the name of Markus Petrux has even released a small module (for 4.7) that allows certain roles to bypass the forced preview. You can select which roles in the Access Control page. His module can be found here.

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Beware of the Domain Registry of Canada/America "scam"

I am writing this as a warning to everyone who owns a domain and doesn't want to get ripped off.

There is a company called The Domain Registry of Canada (DROC) that does something called "domain slamming". What they do is send domain owners a letter saying that their is going to expire soon and to avoid losing it they should renew it immediately. If you do, you actually transfer your domain to them, and end up paying 5 times more for your domain. They charge $40 per year for a .com, but you can easily find it for around $8 elsewhere.

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SEO, Meta Tags module and <title> tags

If you're one of those SEO obsessed people and if you're also a Drupal user, then you'll probably know about the Meta Tags module (also called Nodewords). You might even know about the Page Title module too. And, just maybe, you've also tried to find a way to change the <title> text, not only on nodes (which Page Title does just fine), but also on taxonomy/term pages (which neither module does at all).

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Tertiary menus in Drupal

In keeping with the theme of the previous post, here is another fantastic tip for pulling out more levels of your primary links menu.

By default, Drupal gives you primary and secondary links. These can come from the same menu tree; primary links will be the first level, and secondary links will be the second level. But what happens when you want the third level? Drupal does not give you this variable by default.

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