Beware of the Domain Registry of Canada/America "scam"

I am writing this as a warning to everyone who owns a domain and doesn't want to get ripped off.

There is a company called The Domain Registry of Canada (DROC) that does something called "domain slamming". What they do is send domain owners a letter saying that their is going to expire soon and to avoid losing it they should renew it immediately. If you do, you actually transfer your domain to them, and end up paying 5 times more for your domain. They charge $40 per year for a .com, but you can easily find it for around $8 elsewhere.

They operate in the US as well, under the name The Domain Registry of America (DROA). By the way, I won't give you a link to their site, as it could help their search engine ranking. Both names sound very official and this is the main problem. People see the company name and the dire warnings about losing their domains, panic a bit and then fill in the form to "renew" their domain. Once that's done their domain gets transferred from the current registrar (who you bought your domain from) to DROC/DROA. That wouldn't be too bad actually, if it wasn't for the fact that their prices are way too high.

This company has been around for quite a while (at least 2002), and has been sued numerous times for false advertising, unfair competition, etc. What bothers me is that they are still around, and allowed to operate with such a misleading company name. It seems that even with all the complaints and court cases, nobody has been able to shut them down. More's the pity, as we don't need more dishonest people in this business.

So, if you receive a letter in the mail from these guys, ignore it. Nothing will happen to your domain, because your current registrar will normally auto-renew it for you anyway (after emailing you about it).

I picked up a great tip when you get a letter from them. Don't fill in the form, stick it in the envelope and mail it back to them without a stamp. They might think there's money in there and pay the postage themselves...suckers!

/end rant.

Here are some links to other people who have similar feelings about these idiots.

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I received the same one from

I received the same one from the America version. I'll give them credit for being very creative, it had me confused for quite a while, but definitely a total scam.

I got the same thing

I came here through a Google search because I was just researching to see if it was legit or not. I figured it was a scam but I wanted to make sure. Thanks a lot. You saved me from getting ripped off!

$8 for domain name?

1- where can I register my domain for $8 cheap?
2- let's assume that it's a Legit company, does it matter where I buy my domain from?

thanks for your help

Cheap, reliable domain name purchasing

One cheap, reliable place is (or if you're in Canada). They charge US$6.99 for a .com domain (

It more or less doesn't matter where you register your domain, because you can always point the domain to a different company's nameservers for hosting. However, several companies now offer free domain names when you get a hosting package. Bluehost, Dreamhost and Netfirms are some examples.

Thanks for This

Hi Dave,

Thanks for this. I actually got a letter from "The Domain Registry of America" recently which I presume is the same company (or a similar type one) saying the same about a domain that I had just registered two weeks previously.

I thought it a bit strange that they were targeting me, all the way over here in Ireland, but there you have it.

Mark Conroy.

Yep, same people. Apparently

Yep, same people. Apparently they are bacteria :) I changed the title to reflect that.