Drupal profile search module

UPDATE: 11 April 2008, A version for Drupal 6.x is now available on drupal.org.

Searching your users' profiles is now possible using Profile Plus! This module allows multiple keyword searching of user profiles created with the core Profile module. A new tab is created on the search page that allows you to search user names and profile fields.

Currently, there is 5.x release on drupal.org . That version also works in Drupal 4.7.x. There is now a 6.x release on drupal.org:

Download Profile Plus for Drupal 6.x here.

A previous release of this module for Drupal 6, had some bugs in it and wasn't working correctly. Further investigation revealed that a function in Drupal 6 that was called by ProfilePlus is not returning the correct data, hence ProfilePlus threw out an error. I have replaced that function with code from the 5.x version of the function, and the search now seems to work fine. All feedback is welcome.

TODO: Remove the User tab from the Search page. The code from the 5.x version no longer works, so you're stuck with a User Profile and a User tab for now.

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Thank you

Great module! Thank you so much!!!

Search result

Hi, first thaks for a great module, insatall and use worked like a charm on first try.

One question: I would like more fields to show, and the possibility to sort the results. Is this hard to implement? I'm a php-novice but a Drupal-newbie.


site drupal.org not getting

I am not getting the site drupal.org. Is there any other facility to get the Profile Plus module?

Hey, Great module. It works

Great module. It works great. I needed to use it in a block in order to display it to the users just like a normal search box so I added a block hook to your module. I just finish so I'll post a patch on the project page something tomorrow. Don't know if you wanted to implement this feature or just been to busy to worry about it.

Anyways just wanted to say thanks for the great module.

ProfilePlus Module

This module is really great.
But is there any facility like fieldwise search?
Means i want each field to be displayed to user. so that it'll be easy for the user to search.



Skill Set

Searching Checkboxes?

Hello Dave,
Thanks for your wonderful module, but I would love to search on checkboxes too. Any ideas how/what I should change in the code?


I have no clue how to include that in a search result, I'm afraid. What you could do, however, is edit the checkbox profile field, and fill in the "Page title" so that you will get a page of people who have ticked that particular checkbox. Of course, if you have lots of boxes, this can get a tedious, but if its only one or two, this might be the easiest option.


It's a very useful module! Is it possible to use it in a block?

No. The module adds a tab to

No. The module adds a tab to the Advanced search, which is only shown on a page. What you could do, though, is create a block and write some code in it that displays the Advanced search page. Look at the code in the search.module to find which code is necessary.

Drupal 6 Version

Has development of this module stopped? - that would be a great shame!

This module's functionality is exactly what I need for a community site I'm building, and it would make the difference between choosing Drupal or another CMS.

Are there any plans to port this to Drupal 6.x?

On the todo list

*EDIT* A version for Drupal 6 is now available.

I wouldn't say that development has stopped on this module, its more like its paused due to lack of time on my side. Plus, it pretty much does exactly what its supposed to do, at least for now. A Drupal 6 version is definitely on the list of things to do. I still need to familiarize myself with all the API changes that have occurred between 5 and 6, so it may take a week or two before I get to even look at doing the port. Have you tried simply using the 5.x version on 6 to see if it works (I haven't, so this is purely a suggestion)?

not working on Drupal 6, ..... please? :)

I'm feeling like Teks :-)
Yes, we all need you profile searching module. Please make it ready for Drupal 6, D6 is great! I'm not considering switching the cms, because only Drupal can do everything I need for my community-homepage.
A very important part of my site is searching profiles. Is there any other module for Drupal, that has got similar aims, or how can I do a workaroud? That would be interesting, independent of the development status.
Greetings from Austria, Michael Gasperl

Try the new version - I have

Try the new version - I have just posted an updated version that fixes an error message (for some reason it didn't show up on a previous test).

Link doesn't work

The link to the 6.x version results in a "page not found"

How can I get a version of

How can I get a version of profileplus that works with 4.7?

Use 5.x version

Install the 5.x version - it seems to work fine on my 4.7 install. Let me know if you have any problems with it, though.


Does profile search exist for 4.7? If so, please provide a link. If not, it is much needed. Many thanks for your assistance!

Why not using nodeprofile + views for profiles ?

I can see any reason to still use the basic profile module and the standard user page.

Profil should always be logically separated from the accompt where the user set his options and moreover a node with CCK is far more customizable than the basic user page.

Last but not least, the views module is very well suited to do profile search.

So why still using the profile module ?

Dont you think that nodeprofile + views should be the next core solution for profiles ?


You could do that

However, for those of us who try and avoid using huge modules to do a simple thing, profileplus does the job. You also only have to install one module instead of two :)

doubts on profileplus for Drupal 5.1

i have version 5.1 of drupal on a few sites.
I think this Profile plus is a cool thing to enable community sites to search for users..
i am guessing that this can be used to search for a suitable match..like in a matrimonial..

however i tried ur version from here..on a test site..i found that there were some glitches..some users were not located etc..

cld u kindly tell me which module to use....and give me the link...also i am not used to patching..so cld u provide a patched file..if its needed...

also any tips on how to make the user search page..so people can go there choose the criteria..and find the right users...

look frd to ur advice...thanks

Available as a module on Drupal.org

You should download the module from Drupal.org - the link is in the update box at the top of this page. At the moment there is no advanced user search page, but its something to consider for the next version. For now, typing in any word that appears in a public profile field, will find all those users.

profileplus drupal 4.7

sorry for the post. I just realized that the actual version work for 4.7 too.

thanks a lot!

profileplus drupal 4.7

could I get the old version of your profileplus somewhere? my friend installed drupal 4.7, so I need profileplus for the old version...



Version 5


I have been looking for a module that does exactly what yours does. Will it work with Drupal 5?


Wrong datatype for second argument

Hy Dave, nice job!!

I`m running Drupal 5.x with profilplus + your patch. On the first time I got an error message like this:

warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in...

I fixed it, I declarated the second array:
if ($i > 0){
$users = array();
$match = array();
// ** THAT`S IT **
while ($i > 0) {
$j = $i - 1;
if (user_access('administer users')) {

See you.


Thanks so much for that! It had been driving me crazy for a while trying to figure out where the problem was. Can't believe I missed something that simple :) Guess my PHP skills are still not where they should be.

Update to Drupal 5?

Dave, I attempted to use your updated module unsuccessfully (two mysql errors). Reading through the relevant profile plus issues on the drupal site, I noticed that you "patch[ed] against the HEAD version"...any reason why you didn't patch against version 5? Will you be updating your version for drupal 5?

5.0 doesn't exist yet

Richard, there is no official 5.x release yet. I've looked at the patch that hiweed made, but all it does is remove the install hook and add a menu item. I'll have a look and see how to get my version to work in 5.x. Just so you know, the HEAD version that is on drupal.org is supposed to be for 4.7.


I assume you've also had difficulty using the patch with 5.x? Any progress on this thread? How's it going?

Been busy

with other stuff this week, so haven't had much time to look into things too deeply. Yep - I also got those SQL errors, which aren't that informative (or maybe its just my lack of MySQL/PHP expertise :)

If you like, send me a message using my site contact form, and then I'll email you when something happens on my side.

Broken Download Link

Dave, I'd like to try your profileplus update but your download link seems to be be broken...would you be willing to fix it?

Fixed link

Sorry about that - I just noticed that link too. Its fixed now, so give it a try.